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College Programs


Our College Programs Department at Poteet High School strives to provide students with the opportunity to further their academic and educational goals. Our department is separated into three different branches: ECHS, P-TECH, and Dual Credit. All three branches allow students to earn college credit while attending high school.
ECHS, Early College High School, is a branch of our department that provides students with the opportunity to obtain an Associate’s degree while in high school. Students must apply to the program during 8th grade and begin it their freshman year of high school. Students must keep in mind that being part of this program is a 4-year commitment!
P-TECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School. This branch of our department is geared towards career and technical education. This program is similar to ECHS in the sense that students must apply in 8th grade and begin their freshman year of high school. Students in this program will engage in work-based learning experiences that will aid them in earning industry-based certifications. They will also have the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree.
Dual Credit allows students to obtain college credit while in high school. Students are able to enroll in the program any year throughout high school. Students are able to earn up to 42 college credit hours throughout their high school career. While this does not lead to an Associate’s Degree, this branch of College Programs provides students with a great stepping stone for their post-secondary endeavors!
 Our Coordinator of College Programs is Amanda Martin. She has her Bachelor’s in Science from St. Edward’s University and her Master’s in Education from Liberty University. She has taught students of all ages in China, Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic.  She began working for Poteet ISD in 2018. She has a passion for teaching students and helping them succeed in their educational endeavors.