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Gifted & Talented


What is Gifted and Talented?

A “gifted and talented” student is a child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who:

· Exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area;

· Possesses an unusual capacity for leadership; or

· Excels in a specific academic field

Should I Nominate a Student for Gifted and Talented?
Take a look at this presentation.

Mission Statement

Poteet ISD Gifted and Talented Program challenges and stimulates academically gifted and talented students to develop and accelerate skills in conceptual inquiry, flexibility, critical thinking and innovation. The curriculum in all grade levels is responsive to individual learning rates and styles. Facilitators and teachers work together to differentiate and specialize learning opportunities within regular classrooms and other appropriate settings.

Contact the GT Campus Coordinator

Elementary -Laura Oliva

Intermediate -Joseph Grote

Junior High -Hope Tellez

High School-Virginia Rodriguez